About Hollyshop

Welcome to Hollyshop, where handmade, Hollywood-inspired gifts are made by fans, for fans

Whether you’re a self confessed Star Wars geek, or are looking for the perfect present for a Lord of the Rings fan, you’ll find high quality and often unique gift ideas right here.

Hollyshop launched on 1 December 2013 and is currently home to over 200 products by 32 creatives. Our products include everything from t-shirts and prints, to cards and jewellery. Each Hollywood-inspired item has been carefully selected to ensure we sell only the finest products, from the most trusted designers.

Hollyshop was created to support artists and designers. We recognise that there is strength in numbers, and our site helps fans and potential buyers stumble upon a wealth of creative talent.  We love Hollywood and we aim to provide quirky gifts, fan-made posters and everything in between.

Unlike most other online stores, the team behind Hollyshop are creatives too, and we appreciate how hard it is to sustain a freelance lifestyle. So with your help, we will do our best to remedy that for everyone.

What makes Hollyshop special? Well, you of course – as well as the designs, the buyers, and the fans. If you want to be more involved, please review your purchases and heart your favorite products. We appreciate all feedback – the good and the great.

Interested in joining Hollyshop? All vendors are invitation only, but you can make suggestions over here. Other than high quality, our only condition is that any products sold must link in with the ‘Hollywood-inspired’ theme. All products will be approved by our sales and creative team before going live.

Please note that because our products are made and shipped from all over the world, shipping times will vary. It you need something quickly, we recommend you contact the creative vendor before placing an order.

No copyright infringement is intended. All products are made by fans for fans and inspired by Hollywood.

What some of our creative vendors say:

“We are all a little geeky. We aim to design and create gifts to allow individuals to show a bit of that geek side. So whether it’s a pair of Batman cufflinks, a LOTR pendant or some superman coasters.”  – GeekCycled

“I paint icons, musicians, celebrities, and movie scenes. I enjoy comedies, cult classics, and Hollywood legends. Certain paintings feature glamour or nostalgia, and others I call ” making idiocy into fine art” because people tend to think of fine art as stuffy or ornate and it does not need to be, it can be quite frivolous and I think combining humor and fine art can satisfy a certain niche demographic.” AndSoShePaints

“I have no real sense of business at all but, like pretty much everybody else, I’m an avid film viewer as well as indulging in some of the better TV shows of late. Sometimes, and not nearly as often as I’d like, I pour my enthusiasm into drawing a picture, where I try to capture the substance of my favorite characters. At a friend’s request, I printed one of my designs onto a T. He was thrilled the result and shortly other requests followed.” JohnnyMakes

“Hand cut paper cuts, mainly along fairytale themes and sell both the paper cuts and various sizes of prints.”StudioCharley

“I make all the jewellery by hand, and put 110% attention and care into each and every piece of jewellery I create. The focus of Joany’s Treasures is creating jewellery dedicated to popular movies, television series and books.” JoanysTreasures

“What started as a hobby to decorate our own home, boomed into a family run graphic design company for minimalist movie art, bringing all your favourite films to life with a bit of class and a touch of style” minimalprints

“I just thought the world needed more ‘cool’, so though I would have a go at creating some. I’m a sole designer based in the UK. My designs aim to take a fun slant on pop culture. “ – CreativeSpectator