If you’re looking for information about delivery of an item, please see Delivery & Returns.

Why haven’t I heard from you in response to my application?
We may not have all the information we need to process your application. Have you:

– Applied to sell with us by filling in our application form?
– Sent images of your products either through your website, a photo sharing website or as attachments to the email you received when you applied?
– Waited at least two weeks since you sent us your product photography?
– Ensured that our emails have not been sent to your email spam box or junk box?

If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks, it’s likely your application has been unsuccessful. You may re submit again after three months.

If I fill in the application form to sell through Hollyshop, do I need to join?
No. Completing the form gives us the opportunity to hear more about your products. You aren’t contracted to sell with us by doing this.

How much does it cost to sell through Hollyshop?
There are no annual fees or listing fees. We only charge a one-off set up cost and a small commission for every sale you make. You then have a lifetime contract with us and you can list as many items as you like, as long as they meet with our terms and conditions and are approved by our creative team.

Can I leave Hollyshop at any time?
Yes. If you’re unable to sell your products through us anymore, simply contact us and let us know that you are leaving and we will remove your products.

Why have my products been removed?
It’s rare that we would remove any of your products without contacting you first. The only reason we may remove a product after approval is because it breaches copyright laws, and we have been asked to take it down by the legal owner.

Can you review my application without photographs of my products?
No, we must see all photography before we can accept your application or approve your products.

Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?
No, but it is better if you do have them. Clear, well-lit photography can help to maximise sales.

Is there a maximum amount of products I’m allowed to sell?
No. If your application is accepted you can sell an unlimited amount of products through Hollyshop, as long as they meet our terms and conditions and are approved by our creative team.

How do I get paid?
You’ll need a PayPal account so that buyers can pay you (and so you can pay Hollyshop your fees).

How will I know if I’ve sold something?
We’ll automatically email you to confirm an order has been placed. This will tell you the buyer’s information and the details of the item they have ordered. You should also receive an email from PayPal to state that the item has been paid for.

I see you’re based in the UK, I’m in the US, can I still list my products with you?
Yes, although our head-office is based in the UK we do accept creative vendors from all over the world. We don’t want to limit the range of talented creations here on Hollyshop, so don’t be put off because we are based in the UK.

I see the prices are in £GBP can I list my products in Euros or $USD?
Our development team are working on a currency converting plugin to make the user experience even more universal, but at the moment all products are listed in £GBP. However, upon checkout Paypal will convert into your local currancy.

My product is handmade to order, so delivery can take up to 3 weeks, is that ok?
It is, but please make sure this is clearly stated on your product listing. It would also be a good idea to contact the customer immediately after a purchase has been made and explain how to long it may be until delivery (they might want it urgently for a Birthday or Christmas gift!) Its important to stay in frequent contact with your customers.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at hello@hollyshop.com

♥ Hollyshop Team