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Captain American Sentinels of Liberty Shield Vintage Pin


  • Vintage item from the 1940s
  • Materials: brass, copper, enamel

Product Description

World War 2 was a war like no other in the history of the United States. It created a patriotic loyalty unseen since it’s time. This patriotic loyalty even extended to the children, now grandparents, or mostly passed on.

This pin was loved dearly by a young boy during and beyond WW2. You can imagine the battles he had against the nazis and the power Captain America gave him! In fact the pin was worn so much not only did it get a few loving scratches and scuffs but the pin backing fell off and later had to be soldered back on by dear old dad.

This is a true piece of Americana and American Patriotism, if there were one symbol that could counter the mustache of hitler it would be the red white and blue of Captain America. Captain America was actually the golden child not of Marvel Comics another company known as Timely Compics, or Timely Publications. The Captain’s first publication was in Captain America Comics number 1 and later in 1944 transformed into a black and white movie serial.

This pin is quite rare with few ever leaving private collections or seeing the light of day. There are two issues of this pin one in brass and the other in copper. This item is copper as you can see from the back when an eager collector may have scratched the metal to expose the core.

Material: Copper
Length: 1 3/4″
Height: 1 1/2″
Weight: .13 oz
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