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Sherlock Holmes inspired Necklace (221B)


Product Description

Sherlockians rejoice! Now you can sport a nice piece of jewelry that shows your love for Sherlock. Hand cut, hand stamped on a 1″ copper medallion on an 18″ soft leather cord.

Hand stamping is not an exact science, so your jewelry will not look exactly like the one in the photo, but it will be pretty close to it. Each item is custom made, and each letter is stamped by hand, giving each piece a one of a kind look, not some machine made jewelry sold by the thousands. Yours will be one of a kind.


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After homeschooling my children for more than 15 years it was time for me to find a new path in life. I've always loved working with my hands and when I discovered working with metal,I knew I had found my new passion. Combining my love of Scifi and metalwork, I've been able to create pieces that people like. I make necklaces and bracelets for the most part. As I learn more about working with metal, I plan on learning to make more complex pieces.