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Sherlock Holmes Knitted Mug Cosy


Product Description

This fun knitted Snug Mug cozy is the perfect companion to a standard 11 oz mug.

All cozies (or “Snugs”) are knitted by hand with a hand-embroidered felt teabag tag. Snugs are made in Vancouver, British Columbia in a pet and smoke free home from soft acrylic, bamboo or wool yarn.

If this Snug isn’t your cup of tea, the Knitting Fairy takes custom orders!

Need priority shipping? Have questions? Would love to say hi? Feel free to message us – we’re happy to help you out!

Care Instructions: To keep your Snugs in tip top shape, hand wash them in cool water and mild soap, press flat between a cloth to squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.


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Eli and Rach met over a serious game of Pictionary. They were both studying Engineering in Vancouver at the time and became instant kindred spirits. Many years of late night chats later, there was one thing that has stayed with them all this time: “Doing what you love and loving what you do.” We believe in Handmade. That our hands are capable of creating something meant for someone special and that we take the time and care to create something worthwhile for that person. This means that every Snug Mug or Snug Sleeve cozy, (“Snugs” for short), is unique and one of a kind. Each piece is inspired by a part of our world – that bakery on the corner that has the best macaroons or the feel of taking a walk through Vancouver’s Stanley Park. There is such a reward in seeing customers appreciating this expression of ourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Our Products: Like all creative folks, we find inspiration in our everyday lives. Maybe it’s something someone doodled on the textbook before us, maybe it’s something we saw while window shopping downtown… From there, Eli pulls together the perfect colour palette for the Snug. She designs the teabag tag on paper first and then hand-embroiders the design onto felt. Once the Snug is fully assembled, Rach takes over, producing the product photography, listing and social media so you can see what we’re up to!