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Star Wars Bottle Opener Millennium Falcon


Product Description

Star Wars fans, rejoice! From long ago, and in a galaxy far, far away, we bring you the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener. It might not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts. Luke Skyy-walker and Brewbacca give it their official seal of approval.

Made of sterner stuff (a durable non-magnetic zinc alloy, laced with cortosis) than your average bottle opener, and small enough to fit in a pocket or be a keychain or pendant, this bucket of bolts measures just under 2″ in diameter, has a bright n’ shiny finish, and ships in a velvet pouch. Whether you’re celebrating finishing exams at the Jedi Academy, bulls-eyeing womp rats, or simply taking a detour to Naboo or Badchoiceooine, this trusty Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener can go with you anywhere to crack open a bottle of fine Corellian brew.

So if you fancy yourself brave enough to make the Pilsner Run in 12 parsecs, add one to your collection today!


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