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Boondock Saints inspired Acrylic Painting


Product Description

Boondock Saints

Original 16×20 inch ( 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm) acrylic painting on ready to hang canvas with 5/8 in (1.6 cm) slim profile.

High Gloss varnish to mimic oil painting.


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I paint icons, musicians, celebrities, and movie scenes. I often add stamp lettering that quotes the character or says something funny to add to the picture. I enjoy comedies, cult classics, and Hollywood legends. Some are more humorous than others. Certain paintings feature glamour or nostalgia, and others I call " making idiocy into fine art" because people tend to think of fine art as stuffy or ornate and it does not need to be, it can be quite frivolous and I think combining humor and fine art can satisfy a certain niche demographic. I have included a scene from Anchorman, of Steve Carell. Zoolander, of Ben Stiller doing "blue steel". Oldschool, of Will Ferrell when he got shot by a tranquilizer dart. And Pulp Fiction, of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson.