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The Hobbit Inspired Metal Beaded Bookmark ‘Smaug Dragon’ Charm


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Tired of putting old pieces of paper into your books to keep hold of the pages of your most interesting stories, then why not treat yourself or someone you love to a beautiful bookmark that will last you years to come and forever remind you of that favourite novel you read as a child or adult and the world you were transported to!

Here we have a metal bookmark that was inspired by ‘The Hobbit’, with decadent green diamond shaped beads running down the side, you will be sure to remember the rolling hills of the Shire and Bilbo’s ‘Unexpected Journey’!

12.5cm Metal Bookmark
2 cm Dragon Charm
4mm Green Diamond Shaped Beads

ATTENTION Hobbitses, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Men and anyone else from Middle Earth, although it says I only ship to the United Kingdom, I don’t mind shipping to you as long as you give me enough time to make your beautiful piece and work out the postage and packaging charges as these vary from country to country!

Feel free to ask any questions guys and enjoy!


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