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UP Inspired Flying House Model Kit


  • Handmade Supply
  • Material: Wood piece, Fabric, Sound sensor, Sand, Rocks, LED light…
  • Ships from Hong Kong

Product Description

The main material will be wood, glass and sand. Th price will remain the same as 39.99 pounds and shipping remains the same as well.
Please refer to the attachment for the new photos and below for the product description:

Recreated from the Pixar Movie Up, I present you the flying house!!!
You can now create your own flying house and start a different adventure! This can be a warmful gift at the wedding day, anniversary and birthday.
The finished product of the flying house is approximately 12x 12x 12cm and weight about 0.8 kg. You would have to build the house piece by piece and adding the fabric and furniture to the interior. Let’s not forget the lighting system as well which is sound sensitive. This is not a easy project but definitely worthy the time. You will be proud of yourself to accomplish the amazing flying house at the end.
The DIY kit includes:
1. Forceps
2. Glue
3. Wood piece (house body and fence)
4. Glass globe
5. Sand
6. Fabric
7. String
8. Led light
9. Sound sensor
10. Wire
11. Beads
12. Sanding paper
13. Artificial grass fabric
14. Ruler
Please note the finished product may differ from the picture shown as you may add your own character to it!
It takes time and patience to make the flying house happen, I hope you can all share the joy of handcrafting. Excited to have it finished, pictured and shared!


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