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Dexter Inspired Poetry Magnet Set


Handmade and Ships from Oak Harbor, Washington

Product Description

Welcome fellow Dexter (and magnet!) fans! Thanks for checking out our Dexter Refrigerator Poetry Magnet Set!

How do you channel your dark passenger’s thirst for blood? By following Harry’s Code:

1. Never compose poems of innocents.
2. Never get caught with lame phrases

With words like “splatter,” “pervert,” and “Barbie,” you are destined to become poetically inspired and bind your victims on your kill table… err… refrigerator!

With over 500 pieces, our magnets very similar in quality and size/style to the magnet sets that are sold in stores. They are crafted of a high quality magnet and laminated to safeguard from the serial killers that may lurk around your fridge or locker. Packaged in an adorable clear Chinese take-out style container, these magnets will surely put a smile upon your face or that of your lucky gift recipient.


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We create themed poetry magnets for your refrigerator, locker, and more.  Our sets include popular movies, TV shows, pop culture, and other popular themes.