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House Stark Game of Thrones inspired eReader / iPad Cover


  • Materials: faux leather, bronze chain, wood, lasers, awesome

Product Description

Eternally cynical about the future and loathe to bend the knee to any king but a true Northman, the Starks have guarded the realm from Others and the terrors that lie beyond the Wall for thousands of years. Their affinity for the snowy climate and the frostbitten lands of the North keeps them far from the intrigues of the Great Houses of the south and the spider’s web of politics of King’s Landing. Handcrafted by the finest smiths of the realm, bound with faux leather, and micro suede interior, this cover will ensure a snug fit for your iPad, Kindle, or gadget of choice. Winter is coming. Keep your device warm. Declare for House Stark.

Whether you serve House Lannister, the royal House Baratheon, the Stark Kings in the North, or the dragons of House Targaryen, the sellswords of Geekify can fit any device with these Game of Thrones covers. Please indicate your exact model of device, to ensure a proper fit.

(As each of these orders are custom-made to fit your device, please allow 7-10 days to make and ship from Westeros)

Special shoutout to DudeIWantThat for reviewing our cases and deeming them worthy!



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