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Cory Goodman Writing Underworld Reboot

There has been talk for months now about Screen Gems developing a new Underworld film, one that will offer a reboot and pass the torch to a new cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Priest writer Cory Goodman has landed the job of scripting the new film, which was at one point called Underworld: Next Generation.

It might seem odd to reboot a series that only began in 2003 and has run successfully for four films, with the last, 2009’s Underworld Awakening, earning the most of the franchise so far. But a new cast offers a chance for fresh stories, assuming they’re going in a different direction and not hiring someone to simply play a new Selene, the vampire warrior played by Kate Beckinsale in all the movies so far. Awakening introduced her daughter, Eve, so that’s one avenue that could be explored.

Nothing has been confirmed about the plot, though we’d guess that the conflict between the fang club and their hairy enemies the Lycans (werewolves) will feature in some fashion. And depending on whether the idea is to re-set the clock or tell a new story in the same universe, we may be in a world where humanity is more aware of the ancient conflict.