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Princesses As Victims Of Domestic Abuse (Awareness)

Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax, who previously depicted Disney princesses as victims of sexual abuse, is back with another thought-provoking awareness campaign.

Called ‘Happy Never After’, her shocking new campaign this time depicts the princesses as victims of domestic violence. Featuring Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine, they were drawn with black eyes and bruised faces.

The posters also come captioned with the following sentence: “When did he stop treating you like a princess?”

According to the artist, the aim of the campaign is to “encourage victims to report their cases in order for the authorities to prevent it from happening again”.

princessabuse01 princessabuse02 princessabuse03 princessabuse04

Disney Princesses at University

Artist Paul Westover has created this new range of illustrations: Disney Princesses as Uni students!

The stereotypes are pretty accurate: Cinderella’s always cleaning up after her roomies, Mulan’s tryna dress up as something that she’s not every opportunity she gets, Merida’s on drugs (???), and Aurora sleeps through the entire semester.

What do you think?

disney_princess_at_uni_aurora disney_princess_at_uni_cinderella disney_princess_at_uni_merida disney_princess_at_uni_mulan disney_princess_at_uni_rapunzel disney_princess_at_uni_tiana